Title 『WeMade’s Flight: Two Wings』- Sixteen Mobile Game Lineup to Be Announced at ‘G-STAR 1012’ facebook twitter
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WeMade’s Flight: Two Wings

- Sixteen Mobile Game Lineup to Be Announced at ‘G-STAR 1012’

All online genres on mobile including MMORPG, non-targeting action, TPS, and AOS

‘Carpet bombing’ of new 40-50 mobile titles by 2013

WeMade announces ‘Creator of Mobile Gaming Market’!


On Wednesday the 31st, WeMade Entertainment, Inc. (CEOs Namchul Kim and Whon Namkoong) held the ‘G-STAR 2012 New Mobile Lineup Announcement’ and revealed the lineup of sixteen mobile titles to be showcased at the ‘WeMade Mobile’ booth.

At the event, titled ‘To Put Wings on the Smartphone’, WeMade once again announced a ‘wind of innovation’ as they revealed sixteen new and advanced titles that go beyond the expressive capacity of mobile platforms including such genres as MMORPG, MORPG, TPS, and AOS.

Furthermore, WeMade announced that they will “release by 2013 forty to fifty new mobile titles including the sixteen G-STAR release” while implementing all online genres previously popular on desktop platforms on mobile devices, thus announcing their aspiration to become a ‘Creator of the Mobile Gaming Market’.

In particular, WeMade flexed their peerless mobile game development muscles by breaking new grounds with new genres on mobile devices, optimizing a vast amount of contents for mobile devices, as well as with high-quality graphics and newest engine technology.

Chun Rang> is an Asian fantasy action RPG that portrays the life of the people and their growth in the 14th-century Asia.  Placed in a unique world concept created by WeMade, this game is a high-quality game that goes beyond the aesthetic limitations of a mobile device.

Moreover, WeMade built up a great-looking lineup with the traditional AOS game, a non-targeting action MORPG, a TPS that is sure to open a new chapter in mobile shooting games, and MMORPG, which received critical acclaim at E3 in North America.

WeMade also raised market anticipation with titles that cover all genres, such as shooting game, touch-based robot wrestling game, fighting game, SNGs and <
Romantic Restaurant> to be released before the end of the year MMORPG, SN-RPG and SNG .


Joymax, an affiliate of WeMade, followed up its hit title with two mobile titles, including MMORPG, and strategy game .  With these titles, they successfully overcame the limitations of the mobile platform.


“The time has now come when the genres that were only available on desktop computers, consoles, and in arcades are now available on mobile platforms,” said Whon Namkoong, a CEO of WeMade.  “The mobile lineup announced today will be the catalyst for change.  WeMade will go beyond ‘market response’ to ‘genre development’, re-creating itself as the #1 gaming company that leads the trend in the global mobile gaming market.”


WeMade will be hosting the eighty-booth-strong ‘WeMade Mobile’ hall and showcase brand-new sixteen mobile games to the public at ‘G-STAR 2012’ which opens on November 8th.


For more information, visit the ‘Official WeMade G-STAR 2012 Site’ at http://gstar.wemade.com.
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