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Wemade undergoes closed beta test for its superior martial arts game <Chun Ryong Ki>!


Ø  Wemade reveals its ultimate martial arts MMORPG <Chun Ryong Ki>

Ø  Starts its first closed beta test on September 20th, anticipated to bring big changes to the online game market

Ø  The rising star for the second half of 2012, presenting a fantasy world of material arts

Wemade Entertainment Co., Ltd (CEO: Hoon Namgoong and Nam-Chul Kim) started its first Closed Beta Test (CBT) on mega-scaled MMORPG <Chun Ryong Ki (天龍記)> on September 20th, taking a step closer to making big changes to the online game industry.


<Chun Ryong Ki> will have the ultimate features for a martial arts game. It will have breathtaking martial arts moves that players will not be able take their eyes off, large-scaled lethal attack skills, and intimate relationships amongst characters that until now could only be found in fictions or films.


The first beta version was revealed at the 2011 G-Star, which showed a real fantasy world of martial arts drawing attention from game fans.


In particular, Wemade is well known as an expert in traditional martial art games, with it accumulated experience and knowhow from developing the <Legend of Mir> series and <Chang Chun online>. The second half of this year will become the center of attention, starting a period of martial art games.


<Chung Ryong Ki>’s first CBT will start on Thursday 20th and further details as to the exact schedule, size of participants, application process will be disclosed on the company’s website at a later date.


Park, Jung-Soo, head of <Chung Ryong Ki> development team said, “Gamers will be able to experience the ultimate fantasy world of martial arts through <Chung Ryong Ki>’s immense scale. We hope to dominate the online game market with its incredible actions and thrilling battles”.


The ‘ultimate MMORPG martial arts game <Chung Ryong Ki>’, the rising star of 2012, can be found online at chunryong.wemade.com.

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